Discography : The Truth

Cover (708x716, 146k)
Back Cover (884x698, 82k)
TitleThe Truth
Date Released1994
Catalog NumberD24219 (D31219)

Track Listing
1. Secrets3:11N. Bomba
2. Can't Help It4:55N. Bomba
3. My Heavy Friend3:49T. Kopa, G. Wells
4. The Way4:32G. Wells
5. Spirit Of Man3:37G. Wells
6. Tables Are Turning3:20N. Bomba
7. Peak It!3:37The Truth
8. Too Late4:24N. Bomba
9. Let's Stay Together4:11N. Bomba
10. Welcome To Eternity2:55G. Wells
11. Inside My Head5:59G. Wells, T. Kopa