Discography : Feeding The Future (Australian Music Sampler)

TitleFeeding The Future (Australian Music Sampler)
Date Released1994
Catalog NumberSAMP612

Track Listing
1. My EnemyCulture Shock
2. Shakka JamKulcha
3. Ain't No Right TurnBoots
4. ArriveSkunkhour
5. MaskDef FX
6. PurekillerDefryme
7. BlackmoneyDragonfly
8. Four Letter WordChocolate Starfish
9. In A BoxAmmonia
10. She LiesOvernight Jones
11. Honest & SoberThe Sharp
12. Lap It UpPenny Flanagan
13. Cultivate The WildAna Christensen
14. Love Is AllRichard Pleasance
15. Fell From A Great HeightSteven Cummings
16. Not Crying AnymoreFiona Lee Maynard
17. Give It All You GotMarcia Hines
18. Real WorldTiddas

The liner notes describe The Sharp track as: "Just when you thought it was SAFE, The Sharp release their most challening single to date. Gone are the bubble-gum pop undertones. In their place? A dark, pensive musical rollercoaster rise that heralds a distinctive aural change ..."