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Complete discography of The Sharp.

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This Is The Sharp
Sonic Tripod
Single File
Skeletons in the Closet

CD Singles and EPs
Love Your Head
Spinosity (Digipak version)
Train Of Thought
Scratch My Back
Yeah I Want You
Alone Like Me (Part 1)
Alone Like Me (Part 2)
Honest And Sober
Release The Rats
Thank You Good Night

This Is The Sharp

Feeding The Future (Australian Music Sampler)
Young Blood 3
100% Hits Volume Eight - 1993 - Train Of Thought
100% Hits Volume Nine - 1993 (Scratch My Back)
100% Hits Volume Thirteen - 1994 - Alone Like Me
Triple J Live At The Wireless Vol 3
Paradise Beach: The Soundtrack

Caught In The Deep (Promo)
Yeah I Want You (Promo)
This Is The Sharp 5 Track Promo
The Sharp Xmas '93
Alone Like Me Remix
Triple J Live at the Wireless - 17th February 1992
Triple J Live at the Wireless - 17th August 1993

Non-The Sharp
Earlobe - "The Ocean Sun Kings"

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