Discography : Yeah I Want You

Front Cover (740x730, 124k)
Back Cover (748x728, 116k)
Cover Signed (744x730, 125k)
TitleYeah I Want You
Date ReleasedOct/1993
Catalog Number4509941212

Track Listing
1. Yeah I Want You5:05Rooke (EMI Music)
2. Love Cats3:06Smith (Mushroom)
3. Hanging On The Telephone2:26Lee (Rare Blue Music, Monster Island Music)
4. Add It Up4:26Gano (Control)
5. Vicious3:37Reed (Oakfield Music)

Australian Top 50 Music Charts
Dates charted21/Oct/1993 - 5/Dec/1993 (3 weeks)
Peak#44 (for 1 week)
Positions44 46 48

All chart info with much thanks to Jamie at Australian Music Charts.

"Love Cats" by The Cure, "Hanging On The Telephone" by Blondie, "Add It Up" by Violent Femmes, "Vicious" by Lou Reed