Discography : Skeletons In The Closet

Front Cover (708x704, 81k)
Back Cover (692x882, 156k)
Booklet Inner (712x1420, 220k)
Booklet Back (702x710, 101k)
Inner signed (710x702, 95k)
TitleSkeletons In The Closet
Date Released29/Jul/1996
Catalog NumberSHARP0001

Track Listing
1. That's O.K4:04A. Catlin / P. Farnan
2. Wrecked3:48C. Rooke / A. Catlin / P. Collins
3. Catch3:21A. Catlin / N. Wiles
4. Don't Wanna Choose4:24A. Catlin / C. Rooke
5. Never Before2:53C. Rooke
6. In My Mind2:25A. Catlin
7. Space To Breathe2:39A. Catlin
8. Deviant3:22C. Rooke
9. The Killing2:52A. Catlin
10. Day At The Movies3:16A. Catlin
11. Fortnight Of Foreplay4:08C. Rooke
12. Hey Girl3:19A. Catlin
13. Is Anything New?3:26A. Catlin
14. Once Around The Block3:22C. Rooke

Final CD of all unreleased The Sharp studio tracks. Released just to fans first, then to stores by Warner.