Discography : Paradise Beach (Soundtrack)

Back Cover (200x238, 22k)
TitleParadise Beach (Soundtrack)
Date Released1993
Catalog Number4509934472

Track Listing
1. Elated3:39Euphoria
2. Holiday3:25Ratcat
3. Laughing4:38Barefoot
4. Train of Thought3:27The Sharp
5. Freedom4:41Tina Harrod
6. Satisfy Me4:27Lisa Edwards
7. Under the Sun3:09Russell Morris
8. RU Sexin' Me3:44West End Girls
9. It's the Love3:53This Life Fantastic
10. This isn't Love3:31Boom Crash Opera
11. 7474:26The Wolf Club
12. Break in the Weather4:31Jenny Morris
13. We Got It Goin' On3:25Golden Child
14. Juliette3:13The Relic of Mary Lou
15. Weekend3:18The Genes
16. Faith in Love4:24Among Thieves
17. Choir Girl3:28Cat and Moose
18. Boy3:15Maree Hawker

Info and scans sourced from http://www.1m1.com.au/4509934472.html