Discography : This Is The Sharp

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TitleThis Is The Sharp
Date Released06/Sep/1993
Catalog Number4509935102

Track Listing
1. Scratch My Back3:19Catlin
2. Talking Sly3:17Catlin/Rooke
3. Train Of Thought3:27Catlin
4. Don't Waste My Time3:21Catlin/Rooke
5. Kiss Me Again3:28Catlin
6. Yeah I Want You5:06Rooke
7. Caught In The Deep2:41Catlin
8. Closer3:58Rooke
9. Waiting For The Next Thing To Happen3:05Catlin
10. Dark Sunglasses3:49Rooke
11. Love Kiss3:42Catlin/Rooke
12. You Don't Know Me3:24Rooke
13. Can I Love2:51Catlin
14. Closer (Bass Drop)0:55

Track 14 is unlabelled. It is Closer played on the piano, followed by the sound of the band dropping a double bass from the top of a building. This drop is on the "This Is The Sharp" video.