Discography : Scratch My Back

Front Cover (734x746, 120k)
Back Cover (732x740, 121k)
Free Poster (676x698, 61k)
Cover Signed (732x736, 128k)
Poster Sticker (258x250, 18k)
Cassette Single (605x907, 138k)
TitleScratch My Back
Date Released02/Aug/1993
Catalog Number450993101-2 (Aus CD Single)
450993101-4 (Aus Cassette Single)

Track Listing
1. Scratch My Back3:21A. Catlin
2. In Collingwood2:55P. Collins / C. Rooke/ A. Catlin
3. I Was Happy3:48C. Rooke

Australian Top 50 Music Charts
Dates charted12/Sep/1993 - 17/Oct/1993 (6 weeks)
Peak#40 (for 1 week)
Positions49 44 42 40 49 41

All chart info with much thanks to Jamie at Australian Music Charts.

Some early copies came with a free poster.