Discography : The Truth (Re-release)

Cover (708x716, 146k)
Slip front (752x848, 125k)
Slip back (752x842, 117k)
Back (698x822, 138k)
Back inside (600x554, 70k)
TitleThe Truth (Re-release)
Date Released1995
Catalog NumberTVD93430 (RMD53430)

Track Listing
1. Tables Are Turning (live)3:56Bomba
2. I'm A Mover (live)4:10Fraser/Rodgers
3. Choices3:47Kopa/Bomba/Wells/Caruana
4. Give In3:51Kopa/Bomba/Wells/Caruana
5. Secrets (live)3:09Bomba
6. Heatwave3:56Kopa/Bomba/Wells/Caruana
7. Peak It! (live)5:48Kopa/Wells/Caruana/Bomba

Track listing is the bonus CD only. See The Truth for album listing.

All tracks Mushroom Music except track 2 Polygram Music.

Live tracks recorded at The Esplanade Hotel on 23rd March 1995 and mixed by Tom Blaxland at Studios 301.

Choices was the b-side to My Heavy Friend
Give In was the b-side to Can't Help It
Heatwave was the b-side to Let's Stay Together
I'm A Mover (live) was the b-side to Spirit Of Man

Non-live b-sides recorded at "Nicky's Place" (aka. "Nicky's Garage") and mixed by Bomba.

Bonus disc mastered by Cameron Craig at Metropolis Audio.